How do I post a picture or video?

After you log in to your Loom Community account, click on the green button on the right hand of the screen that says “Create a new post”. Fill out each of the relevant fields, keeping in mind the maximum file size and file format if you are posting an image. All posts will be categorized under a specific album. To create a new album, type in the album name you would like to use. To choose an existing album, click on the text field to bring out a list of your current albums and select the one in which you’d like to save your new post. You can also enter your post under a particular category, but take note that the categories are predetermined and you cannot create your own.

If you already have a Youtube or Vimeo video, you can copy and paste the URL link when you create a new post. Each post can include both a video and a picture, this can be useful if you want others to be able to see the finished creation even in the middle of watching a tutorial.

Learn more about tags at

The Advanced Settings allow you to determine whether people can Repin your post (whether they can post what you posted) and whether people can leave comments on your post. These options, like the previous settings, can be changed if you decide to edit your post later.


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